Age: 22 earth years

Home Planet: Karain

Penny ran away from home at age 17 to escape a politically arranged marriage and has been a smuggler ever since. She has a heart of gold but a quick temper that tends to get her into trouble more often than not. A word of advice: NEVER EVER play Star Poker against her - you'll loose.


Age: 26 earth years

Home Planet: Unknown

Not much is known about him. He has been orphaned as an infant and been raised at an orphanage. Kimo is an excellent pilot and provides a balance for Penny's quick temper.


Age: 29 earth years

Home Planet: Karain

Kris is best friends with Cohn and when both were in their late teens they were almost inseperable from Penny. Being adventurous, the boys decided to explore the world when Penny was about 12 years old and haven't been seen back home since. Due to lucky circumstances the friends met again in chapter 3 of the story.

Originally only meant to star in a little guest role, the two happy go lucky fellas seem set to stay on with the cast for another while yet.


Age: 31 earth years

Home Planet: Karain

Cohn is Kris' sidekick ... or perhaps it's the other way round. Details are hazy on this one. A fact is, however, that the two have always been inseparable and are bound for more adventures as their curious nature makes it almost impossible for them to live the simple, pre-medieval live on their homeplanet.

Cohn is as easy going as Kris but by far the weaker of them when it comes to gambling. On the other hand, he appears to have a good deal more tact than his buddy when it comes to handling delicate situations. Together, they make a great team and a fun addition to the crew on board the Frisbee.


Age: 455 earth years

Home Planet: The Black Moon of Kolltaris

Greyleaf is a warrior and skilled archer. Having lost his lifemate & daughter in a hunting accident he has nothing left that he considers worth while staying for. He therefore decides to explore the galaxy with Penny & Kimo.


Age: 31 earth years

Home Planet: Quasantringal

Skita is a dancer and knows Penny from previous adventures. She appears naive and 'blonde' at first but there's more to her than catches the eye.


Age: 823 earth years

Home Planet: Calris

Modorerh is the principal villain of the story so far. He comes from a rich family, however, most of his pursuits to maintain his riches have been of the illegal kind. Presently he seeks to obtain the monopoly for the mineral Pegathrijs and is not too fond of Penny & Kimo's interference with this little project.


Home Planet:

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Throughout the story there might be an occasional reference to The Hitch Hiker's Guide to the Galaxy which is Douglas Adams